Design An Award-Winning Garden

People deck out their gardens for a variety of reasons. Some people simply like to have a naturally beautiful space to go to when they’re feeling stressed out and need a break. Others design a beautiful garden for the sense of accomplishment they get when they finish the project. Then there are people that work day and night trying to come up with a fantastic garden design so they can win an award from the home-owner’s association. If you’re like most garden enthusiasts, you probably fall somewhere in the middle of these three types.

Natural Appeal

The key to creating a beautiful garden is having an eye for aesthetics. If you can’t see the beauty in a rocky stream, you probably can’t recreate that beauty in your own backyard. You have to be able to appreciate nature in order to emulate its greatest natural designs. The best garden design will have a totally natural appeal that few will be able to resist.


Have you ever dated someone that was gorgeous to look at but awkward to talk to? Beauty doesn’t amount to much if you don’t feel comfortable enough around it to appreciate it. Put special emphasis in creating a garden that you can go to when your stress levels are through the roof and you just need a place to escape to. Make sure there’s a place to sit or, better yet, lie down.

Warmth And That Personal Touch

Everything you create should be a reflection of your personality. If you are setting out to design an award-winning garden, you need to know yourself so that you can inject a certain amount of warmth and personality into your creation. A garden isn’t truly yours until you make it yours.

In order to create an award-winning garden, you’re going to have to employ every ounce of creativity and aesthetic appreciation that you can muster.