Landscaping Construction

Landscaping construction is definitely more than just planting a few shrubs or trees. Instead, this service is designed to cover everything from building a new patio or deck to completing a concrete driveway for your home. Lower Mountains Landscape Supplies offers these services, and more, for you to use when completing your outdoor home improvement projects.

When using landscaping construction services, you have many options. For example, you may opt for a brick retaining wall around your outdoor sitting area, or you may prefer a simple garden edging around trees, gardens and flower beds. Mulching your vegetable and flower gardens is also a simple technique that can save a lot of work by inhibiting weeds, retaining moisture for your plants, and protecting your plants during the colder months of the year.

The landscaping construction specialists offered by Lower Mountains Landscaping Supplies can also help you create lawns and gardens that are drought resistant. Irrigation systems can be installed, for instance, and plants and trees chosen for your landscaping theme that are naturally resistant to drought. Along with traditional landscaping, there are some other services that you can use to improve your property.

Landscaping construction also includes the more difficult tasks of repairing pools, pool coping installation or repairs, and installing other landscaping features such as ponds and waterfalls. For homeowners looking for repairs to existing structures, the construction team can also provide services that include repairing stairs and identifying and replacing faulty drainage systems that cause problems for your lawns and gardens.

Lower Mountains Landscaping Supplies also offers a free landscaping construction assessment that will provide you with more information on the projects that you have planned for your home. The landscaping team will personally visit your home to talk about the projects you have planned to determine which services are needed to create an outdoor space you love.