Landscaping With Concrete

Concrete is not the antithesis to landscaping.  Beyond the driveway, pavements and as a cheap, low maintenance option to cover grassed areas, concrete offers landscaping solutions that are both economical and attractive.

Borders and Edging

Concrete borders and curbing are one of the most popular ways to give your garden a fantastic finish.  Use concrete to border around trees, setting them apart as a focal point for your garden.  Or, simply use concrete as edging around your flower or vegetable beds to give your overall garden landscape a tidier and more streamlined look.  Best of all, having a continuous border acts as a barrier stopping unwanted grass and weeds from invading your beloved garden beds.



Achieve the same function, effect and durability for just a fraction of the price by considering using concrete blocks for your retaining wall. With stamping and colouring of concrete now widely available, it is difficult to tell the difference between a retaining wall constructed of stone and one made from cheaper concrete blocks.


Concrete Paving

Hard wearing, attractive and cost effective, concrete offers an excellent paving option for well below the price of brick or stone alternatives. . Concrete pavers are available in a vast array of colours, sizes and textures. The paving stones interlock to form a patterned surface which can be used immediately following installation and can also be removed and reinstalled as required.


Other Decorative Concrete Options

Create walkways and borderlines using special concretes enhanced by colour and textural treatments, angles and polishing.


Or, if you are looking for long-lasting garden ornaments to provide the finishing touch to your landscaping project, consider an ornamental concrete piece such as a bench, fountain, statue or birdbath.


Whatever design element you want to incorporate into your garden landscape, consider a concrete option to get the job down for less.