Cheap Firewood Sydney

A mixture of smaller dimension hardwood seasoned 10 years. Great for starting your fire and early evening burning with some larger pieces for longer overnight burning.

North Coast Mix Hardwood

Cheap Firewood Sydney 

Burning Time
Mid to Longer Burning, 2 – 6 Hours

Easy or Hard to Start
Easier to Start

Why Choose LMLS Cheap Firewood?

Here’s why you should choose LMLS Cheap firewood.

1. Great Value A great price – because it’s seasoned hardwood means you’ll get 2 – 6 hours burning time.
2. Easier to Start. For hardwood, our cheap firewood is easy to start.
3. Easy to Stack. Our Cheap Firewood is easy to stack, which keeps things neat.

Order Cheap Firewood today, Sydney!

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