Gravels and Pebbles

At LMLS with have a huge range of both Functional, Decorative and Exotic Gravels and Pebbles to get your paths, courtyards, driveways and garden areas looking fantastic.

Decorative Pebbles

Round River Pebbles (10 / 20 / 40mm)

These pebbles have come just up the hill from the Nepean River. They look great in courtyards, driveways and pathways – and also make a fantastic garden mulch – keeping soil cool and moist.Read More

Lucky Stones (75 -100 and 150 – 300mm)

Perfect for use in and around your ponds and water features because the amazing colours in lucky stones look beautiful wet or dry. Read More

Maroota Gold (6mm)

Perfect for driveways and pathways, Maroota Gold are lovely decorative pebbles that look great around the bottom of your pot plants, or as mulch in your courtyard. Read More

Denman Red (14mm)

Beautiful Balinese-style pebbles which are lovely around pools and cactus gardens. They also look fabulous in pots and between the pavers in courtyards. Read More

Western Peach Gravel (14 – 20mm)

Looks amazing in driveways and paths. Also fabulous in pots or as mulch in a courtyard. Read More

Cowra White (20mm)

Looks great in water features or around the base of your pot plants. This is a contemporary-style pebble that’s a fabulous choice for driveways and pathways. Read More

Cowra Gold (20mm)

Looks great in water features or around the base of your pot plants. This is a contemporary-style pebble that’s a fabulous choice for driveways and pathways. Read More

Quartzite Gabion Ballast (75 – 200mm)

A unique choice for decorative drainage or ornamental creek beds. Looks amazing in ponds and architectural features, courtyards and feature areas. Read More

Decomposed Granite

Available in Pink Salmon or Sandstone, this makes an excellent decorative pathway. It looks great next to gardens and formal edging, and is beautiful in driveways, paths and sitting areas. You can even mix it with cement to create a solid surface. Read More

Gravels and Aggregates

Blue Metal (10 and 20mm)

Blue Metal is crushed from Basalt rock and screened to size. Blue Metal is generally used as aggregate for most concreting jobs. It’s great for drainage behind retaining walls, in trenches and over ag lines.Read More

Road Base (20mm)

A blue metal blend of 20mm of rock down to a fine dust, which compacts to make a stable, hard base under pavers, concrete slabs and gravel driveways. Read More

Recycled Road Base (20mm)

This is a cost-effective option to traditional road base. An ideal product when you need a level area under slabs or pavers because it offers excellent compaction. Read More

Recycled Crushed Concrete (10 / 20 / 40mm)

This recycled product is cost-effective for back-fill behind retaining walls. And because it’s recycled, it’s better for the environment.Read More

Concrete Mix

This is a pre-mix of gravels and sands, especially for making concrete. You just have to add cement and water! You’ll need this if you’re doing anything with concrete (from foundations to decorative pathways).Read More

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*LMLS strives to gives its customers correct and up to date information on all its products but because of the fast turnaround and the vast range of options its not always possible to keep things up to date. Products displayed may not be immediately available, and its possible that some colour stocks are not available at all. For the best and most current advice please call LMLS, or drop in and we would be happy to give you all the information you need on whatever landscaping, garden or masonry product you are looking for.