Residential Landscaping Design

Landscaping design is a craft practiced throughout the world. If you take a drive through any major residential area, you will notice the gardens of certain houses are absolutely beautiful. Such aesthetically pleasing results are the culmination of planning, preparation and hard work.

A common misconception is derived when comparing design to architecture. In the world of landscaping, architecture is referred to for the planning of work in the community. This includes schools, parks, council areas, shopping centres and more. Landscaping design is primarily focussed on residential development. Landscapers connect the overall master plan for the project and the designated garden design.
There are many factors that a professional in this industry must understand and know how to work effectively with. The topography of the area to be landscaped is crucial in ensuring the walls, gardens and other features are built securely and provide a safe area for you to enjoy. The site also needs to have appropriate drainage and connection to ground water. This makes maintaining the botanical elements of the landscaping design much easier.
Suitable soil is another fundamental aspect, and the landscaper must make sure it’s the correct type. This helps to make sure that the surrounding environment and plants will thrive and provide a beautiful image for years to come.
Construction is what brings the whole design together. There is a wide variety of ways that this may be used in landscaping jobs. This can include having a new patio installed in your back yard, a nice paved drive way, pool installation/repair or supporting walls for the garden beds.
Landscaping design brings together many aspects involving planning, design, construction, labour and is a fantastic option to help bring new levels of beauty, elegance and charm to your home.